Timeline of my Mom Life

This timeline is to help understand where I am

coming off and to follow my past easier.

Work in Progress – I have to remember it all. 

June 1998 – Graduated High School and Moved to my current town

July 1998 – 19th Birthday

Aug 1998 – Got Pregnant

Sept 1998 – Started College and was very sick

Oct. 1998 – Realized I was Pregnant and dropped out of College

April 1999 – Due date

May 1999 – Induced on Mother’s day (2 weeks over due)

May 1999 – After 3 day I had an emergency C-section, welcome Isaiah!

Isaiah had many medical issues throughout his childhood and we were at a drs office every other day.

May 2000 – Isaiah turned 1 and started walking

Aug. 2000 – Isaiah got very sick and regressed horribly. He stopped talking.

After several drs and hospital visit Isaiah had a reaction to the meds for his ear infections. This reaction wrecked his stomach and intestates, he cried all day.

Sept 2000 – Started College again

Sept 2000 – Isaiah was kicked out of Daycare so my mom watched him

Nov 2000 – Moved into our house of 15 years with my mom

2001 – Isaiah started early intervention at home for the regression

Sept. 2002 – Isaiah started public school for he disabilities that call developmental commicational delay

June 2002 – Isaiah stopped walking and developed RA in his legs

June 2004 – Graduated College with a business degree

2004 – School took Isaiah’s IEP away and I never got it back

Ever year I would request a new one and only get a 504 they never followed

2004 – Isaiah developed Asthma

2004 – Started working a Mcdonald’s as an over night manager. 

2005 – Isaiah started having worse behavioral issues and violence 

2005 – Isaiah diagnosed with ADHD and Mood disorder NOS

That diagnosis would result an many med trails and therapist over the next 12 years

2006 – Isaiah was a day program for 2 months 

March 2007 – Met Angelino and Deshiana’s Father

April 2007 – Found out I was pregnant with Angelino

Oct. 2007 – Stopped working at McDonald’s 

Dec 2007 – Scheduled C-section is welcome Angelino (easiest birth of the 3)

Angelino was born pneumonia and asthma, we were in the hospital for 10 days

2008 – Isaiah was diagnosed with Bipolar and still ADHD

2008 – Angelino started Banging his head on everything, right after learning to walk.

2008 – Started College for my BA in Psychology

2008 – Notice Angelino wasn’t developing and he had PICA

2008 – Angelino started early invention at home for his Autism

April 2009 – Found out I was pregnant and lost one of the babies

Aug 2009 – Almost lost Deshiana again and was put on bed rest

Jan 2010 – Angelino Started preschool for his disabilities 

Jan 2010 – Scheduled C-section where both of us almost died, Welcome Deshiana

Deshiana did not breathe for 40 minutes and was rushed to another hospital for treatment. I couldn’t leave until I was stable enough. 

Jan 2010 – 6 days later I finally met Deshiana, who was in the NICU

Jan 2010 – 2 more days and Deshiana was able to go home

2010 – Deshiana Started early intervention for Torticollis

July 2010 – Isaiah was hospitalized for the first time for Mental health reasons

For the next 4 years he was hospitalized 15 more times and a variety of hospitals

Jan 2011 – Deshiana’s first birthday was with Isaiah in Hospital (step down program)

April 2011 – I graduated with a BA in Psychology 

Aug 2011 – Angelino was Diagnosed with Autism and Isaiah was too 2 days later at UMass

Aug 2011 – Took a Vacation while Isaiah was in a Lock down Hospital

2013 – I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Psychology specializing in Child and Adolescent Development

Aug 2013 – Started Analina Rag Dolls Company

Sept 2013 – Deshiana started preschool to socialize with her peers

2015 – School finally noticed Isaiah’s Autism dx but still no IEP

2015 – Moved into our current house

2016 – Isaiah was in Residential Treatment for 6 months

Jun 2016 – Deshiana graduated Kindergarten 

Aug 2016 – Angelino was dx with a severe learning disability and low IQ

2017 – Isaiah took him self off all this medicine after his wrap around program ended.

June 2017 – Isaiah Graduated High school

2018 – Deshiana Diagnosed with Anxiety and possible Mood disorder

2018 – Finally got Autism as the primary dx on Angelino’s IEP

2018 – Angelino started his own business, Mindful Treasures.

Jun 2018 – Angelino graduated elementary school

2019 – I turned 40

Mar 2020 – Last time the kids were in school (Covid)

May 2020 – Isaiah turned 21

June 2020 – Deshiana graduated elementary school 

2020 – Start This Mom’s Philosophy Blog

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